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Post production is everything that happens after a film or video is shot - editing, sound, motion graphics, visual effects.

Post production jobs are typically full time, permanent, highly skilled and provide diversification to the economy as well as employing students educated in the province. It is a clean, green, high tech industry.

In Alberta, the post production industry is faced with competing with tax credits in other jurisdictions that exceed what is currently in place in Alberta.

Please help us by contacting your MLA. Your MLA contact information can be found here by entering your postal code.

Then, email your MLA - we encourage you to tell them the following support is sought:
Dear ____________,

The post production industry in Alberta is a source of economic diversification, creating high tech, permanent, full time jobs and utilizing ‘bricks and mortar’ facilities.

While the Post Production Grant program has provided much needed support, for the industry to compete on a level playing field with other jurisdictions, we need a new funding model. We need a Labour Tax Credit Program similar to the program recently announced for the Interactive Digital Media industry and to that in competing jurisdictions such as BC and Ontario.

Please consider providing Post Production Industry the same support as Interactive Digital Media in ongoing budget considerations.

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